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What You Need to Know about Heartworm Prevention Products

If you live somewhere that has a high concentration of mosquitos, you may already be using heartworm prevention. However, if you are new to having a pet or live somewhere where mosquitoes are rare, this may be new information. No matter where you live, heartworm prevention is an important part of caring for your pet and is relatively easy and affordable. Keep reading to learn more about heartworm disease prevention products.

What kind of prevention products are available?

Heartworm prevention products vary, but they all require a prescription from your veterinarian. The most common prevention option is monthly chewable pills. These are easy to feed your pet, however, you do need to remember to give it monthly for them to remain effective. Another option is a topical medication, much like flea and tick prevention that is applied to your pet’s coat. One of the newest prevention products is an injection given every 6 months to a year. Your veterinarian can help you decide on what is best for your pet and your lifestyle.

Are all prevention products the same?

No, not all heartworm disease prevention products are the same. As mentioned, some products need to be given more often than others. Another difference is that some heartworm prevention products will include prevention from other parasites like intestinal worms, or fleas and ticks. Your veterinarian will know which parasites your animal is most at risk for and select the best prevention product based on your area.

Could I just try natural prevention?

You may be looking for ways to prevent heartworm disease that does not involve drugs or prescriptions. Though it has been thought that essential oils and other natural remedies can help reduce mosquito exposure, these are not a substitute or an effective option to prevent heartworm disease for your cat or dog. If you are worried about your pet having a reaction to the medications, be assured side effects are usually rare and mild. 

To learn more about heartworm prevention options, and to select the best product for your pet, contact your veterinary office today to make an appointment.