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Summer Heat Safety for Pets

Indoors the air conditioning helps keep you and your pets cool, but have you wondered what you can do to make the outside more comfortable for your pet during the summer? We have some suggestions on how you can help them survive the summer heat. 

Protect Their Paws

Have you ever stepped outside with bare feet and after a few moments realized how hot the sidewalk was? You were probably jumping around trying to protect your feet. Animals’ paws are sensitive to the heat. If taking your dog for a walk, we suggest sticking to grassy areas rather than sidewalks. There is also the option of purchasing protective paw covers that can be removed after walks. You should also avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day in the late morning and afternoon. 

Provide Shade

If your pet spends quite a bit of time outside, or you are doing some camping, it is important that your pet has the option of getting out of the sun. If you do not have a covered patio or porch, hopefully there are trees around that provide shade. If not, then you will want to consider creating a shelter with a tarp, or putting out a tent that can be moved or packed up conveniently. 


While your pet is outside, keeping fresh water available is important to prevent dehydration and heatstroke. Place your pet’s water in a shaded area where it is easily accessible and replace it often. Adding ice cubes to the water will help it stay cooler longer. If the bowl stays outside, be sure to empty it and turn it over at the end of the day. This will allow it to dry and prevent standing water, which will attract mosquitos.

Keep Them Inside

The best way to protect your pet during the summer is to limit their time outside. Potty breaks and some sunbathing are okay, but pets should not spend too much time out in the heat as it is much harder for them to regulate their body temperature than it is for humans.

Contact your veterinarian today with any questions you have about protecting your pet from the heat.