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New Year’s Resolutions to Try with Your Pet

The new year is the perfect time to start developing goals to improve our lives or pay it forward to others. This year, prioritize your pet as you curate your list of new habits by including pet-friendly ideas that can enhance their happiness and health! 

Implement Healthy Treats and Diets 

A common New Year’s resolution is to eat better throughout the year. This year, while you observe ways to change your dietary habits, take a look at your pet’s nutritional intake. Find ways to switch up their diet to include more nutrient-rich foods and treats. Your trusted veterinarian can assist you in finding the perfect food for your pet! 

Prioritize Your Pet’s Oral Health

Our pets’ oral health often falls short on our list of priorities. This year, make a greater effort to stay on top of their oral health needs. Visit your local veterinarian to ensure healthy teeth and gums and learn how to brush your pet’s teeth at home. You may also incorporate enzymatic chews into their routine to keep their teeth thriving in between veterinary appointments. 

Attend Obedience Courses 

Your pet does not have to be aggressive, hyperactive, or entirely disobedient to benefit from obedience classes. These organized training courses enable your pet to learn new tricks while being mentally stimulated. It is a great bonding activity that you and your pet are sure to enjoy. 

Schedule Your Pet’s Annual Health Appointment 

The most important resolution you can make for your pet is to stay proactive about their health. Whether your pet is young or entering their senior years, it’s essential to stay up to date with their health by seeking the help of a veterinary professional. Schedule your pet’s annual health checkup early this year to ensure they live happy and healthy throughout 2023.

For more helpful tips on including your pets in your New Year’s resolutions, contact your local veterinarian today!