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5 Common Behavioral Issues in Dogs

Most behavior problems seen in dogs are misunderstood by owners and therefore, they are not properly managed. While dog owners love their companions unconditionally, behavior issues can be challenging to deal with. Here we have compiled a list of the most common behavior issues with dogs as an essential step toward understanding, preventing, and solving them.


Aggression can take many forms. Some dogs become aggressive when negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, pain, or uncertainty are triggered. Protective dogs who guard their property, family, food, or toys may also become aggressive. Understanding what triggers your dog is the first step toward managing their aggressive tendencies. 


Barking is your dog’s primary form of communication. While it may seem they are barking for no reason, they are trying to convey a message, and it is essential to identify what that is. Some dogs will engage in territorial barking to claim their territory. Alarm barking to signal noise or sight is another common form of excessive barking. Dogs may also bark to express emotions such as frustration or when they want attention.


Scavenging is a natural habit dogs are born with. They are not the most discerning eaters and will sniff and taste just about anything. It is important to thoroughly manage their scavenging habits and supervise dogs outdoors, as this behavior can lead to illness or death. 

Food Guarding 

Food guarding is typical in the animal kingdom, as animals are programmed to protect their resources. However, food guarding is unnecessary for a domesticated pet and can become a significant problem if the dog becomes aggressive. 

A solid foundation in dog behavioral knowledge can help you control or prevent these problems, but it is important to always consult an expert for professional guidance. Contact your local veterinarian today to learn more about addressing dog behavioral issues.