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The Beginner’s Guide To Caring For a New Puppy

If you’re a new puppy owner, you are likely overjoyed and ready to bring your beloved new companion home. However, if this is your first time raising a puppy, your mind may be filled with questions. To ease your concerns, answer your questions, and set you on track for puppy care success, explore our beginner’s guide to puppy basics.

Create a Pre-Puppy Home Checklist 

Before the date your puppy is due to come home, it’s important to make a pre-puppy checklist to prepare your home and lifestyle. Puppies require extra care and effort, especially in the early days. As such, it’s important to get your home set up and ready to accommodate your new bundle of love. First, choose an area of your home to serve as your puppy’s playground, this may be a common area that you can close off using a baby gate. Next, observe the area for any valuables, fragile items, loose wires, or potential hazards, and tuck them away to ensure your puppy does not have access to them.

Choose The Right Puppy Food 

Your puppy’s diet is an essential component of their health and development. To ensure they get the right nutrients to grow into a strong, healthy dog, it’s important to be proactive about shopping around for the right food. We recommend inquiring with your trusted veterinarian to get expert recommendations.

Purchase Puppy Care Must-Haves In Advance

A couple of days before you pick up your new four-legged family member, set aside some time to go shopping for all your puppy care must-haves. You will need to get a puppy-sized collar, leash, and identification tag. To ensure your puppy is secure and comfortable at home, consider purchasing a puppy bed, a soft blanket, some chew toys, and a crate or kennel that will serve as your puppy’s personal safe haven.

Schedule Your Puppy’s First Check-Up

Your puppy will need to see the veterinarian within days of arriving home for their initial puppy check-up. Schedule this appointment as soon as possible to get started with your puppy’s immunizations and ongoing care plan, which may include microchipping along with spaying or neutering. 

Master the art of puppy care by contacting your trusted veterinarian today to learn more about preparing for your new puppy.