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Managing Your Cat’s Anxiety

Although cats are known to be independent and mysterious, they are not immune to the unfavorable feelings of anxiety. Cats may experience anxiety for a variety of reasons ranging from environmental changes to separation anxiety and more. No matter the cause, it’s important to understand your cat’s triggers and find practical ways to help them manage their feelings to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Here are our veterinarian-recommended tips for managing your cat’s anxiety.

Create a Safe Space

Cats appreciate a predictable, relaxed environment. If your cat displays symptoms of anxiety when there is too much noise or people in your home, it’s important to create a safe space for your cat to allow them to retreat in order to calm down and alleviate their stress. This may be a specific room they can escape to with plenty of cozy bedding and familiar objects or a cat tree in a quieter area of the home.

Provide Climbing Areas

By nature, cats are prone to climbing. Providing them with designated areas to engage in their inherent climbing behaviors can be beneficial for combating their anxiety–it allows them to feel secure while they observe their surroundings from high above. You may provide your cat with a cat tree, a perch, or shelves to give them their own lookout area. They especially enjoy when these climbing spaces are located near windows.

Try Pheromone Products

Feline pheromone products can be used to help your cat overcome their anxiety. These products are available in several different applications including diffusers, sprays, and even collars, and they serve to calm your cat to make them feel more relaxed and at ease by releasing synthetic pheromones similar to natural pheromones that provide feelings of security.

It’s important to try everything you can to ensure your cat lives comfortably. However, in some cases, the only solution is to visit your veterinarian for trusted, professional guidance. If your cat is dealing with anxiety, contact your local veterinarian today.